• Gwen

Dollar General: 70% Off Brown Dot, 70% Off Blue/Gray Dot, $.25 St. Patrick's Day

The following items are ringing at Dollar General for 70% off the original price tag. Brown dot items are 70% off and you will be looking for items such as those for the home such as blankets, pillows, furniture, washcloths, towels and more. There are also unmarked household appliances that are following brown dot markdowns that are currently 70% off as well such as Toastmaster brand air fryers, crock pots and more. Please make sure to use your scanner on the Dollar General app to check the prices. Blue dot and gray dot items are marked down and scanning at 70% off. You are looking for clothing, shoes, and accessories that have price tags with either gray or blue dots on them. Calendars are also scanning at 70% off. If you find any for $1 you can snag them for only $.15. St. Patrick's Day items are scanning for $.25. I've seen socks and other accessories with the St. Patrick's Day theme.

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