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Hello, my name is Gwen and I am a 46 year old mother.  I have been a couponer for 10 + years and I absolutely love it! After becoming a first time mother later in my life, I had to pretty much pause everything to focus my attention on parenthood. I still couponed in my daily life but I took a break from posting and sharing deals online with others.  I decided this year, 2021 that I would get back into blogging and reconnect with others who enjoy couponing and chasing the next deal.

Where do I see Freebies By Gwen heading in the future? Well, so much has changed since I first began couponing.  For one there were only a few blogs and websites around that catered to the deal shopper.  Fast forward 10 years and we now have everything at our fingertips with technology and I want to be included with helping the beginner couponer feel confident with the user friendly deals that I post, or welcome the more experienced couponer who can also act as a mentor for others within the Freebies By Gwen community.  At Freebies By Gwen you will always find the latest coupon deal, hottest freebie, and the newest penny items (this was not heard of as much 10 years ago.....but I'm still excited to go on this journey with you all).

Any questions? Please feel free to drop me an email using the form below! 

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