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PEPTOC: Free Hotline Advice From Kindergarteners

I think this is so cool. I am going to call this number later on in the evening with my 8 year old son. Here’s some background information on the project directly from their GoFund Me page "PEPTOC is a project by artists Jessica Martin and Asherah Weiss, and the wonderful students at West Side Elementary in Healdsburg, California. This project includes a hotline featuring pre-recorded life advice and words of encouragement by students aged 5-12. Within days of going live, the hotline went viral, and was getting over 800 calls an hour. This quickly grew to 11,000 calls an hour! West Side is a small rural public school with a very small budget. We have had to cut our arts and other enrichment programs by almost 75% due to a lack of funding after the pandemic. Thanks to donations and some sponsorship, we have been able to cover the hotline fees to keep the hotline going these past two weeks. However, we hope to keep Peptoc available to ALL, 24 hours a day, for many months or years to come! We also plan to add a new option with rotating surprise pep talks every 1-2 weeks".

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