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How To Use The Dollar General App To Scan Products

One of the best tools that Dollar General gave to us as shoppers is the scanner on the Dollar General app. If you are a CVS shopper, this scanner is equivalent to the red coupon machine that allows you to take an item and have the price checked. We have this awesome scanner at our fingertips. Once you get the hang of it, it makes shopping at Dollar General less stressful. Imagine not having to wait in line just to ask a cashier to scan an item for you!

Download the Dollar General app on your cell phone

1) Once you are in the app, tap on the icon shown in Step 1 above.

2) After you tap on that, your screen should now look like the picture in step 2

3) Now you will need to find an item and scan the barcode using the screen in Step 2 above. Now keep in mind that sometimes items may not scan, but before you give up there is a manual option for you to type the barcode in by hand. I've had to do this on numerous occassions, but the outcome is still the same which takes me to Step 4.

4) After either scanning the barcode over the product or manually entering your barcode, you should now have the last step complete and your price of the item should be displayed on your phone. It's that easy! Happy shopping.

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