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Dollar General: 10 Items For $10.90 Plus Tax

I paid $10.90 plus tax for 10 items today at Dollar General. wanted the $5.95 Scott paper towels but I had to substitute the $5 Scott tissue and add a $1 filler item.

I bought

(2) $5 packs Scott tissue

(1) $5 Cottonelle tissue

(1) $1 Scott tissue

(1) $2.95 Purex pods

(1)$2.95 Tide Simply pods

(1)$2.50 Palmolive dish detergent

(3) Pantene trial conditioners

Use these digitals

$5/$25 digtals HERE

$1 Scott tissue HERE

$1 Cottonelle HERE

$2 Purex HERE

$2 Tide HERE

$1 Palmolive HERE

$3 Pantene HERE

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