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Costco: (5) 50 ct Boxes Of FLTR Face Mask For $8.05

I did not think this order would be fulfilled and I wanted to make sure they’d ship it before posting it, but as I waited the deal became a dead deal. I am not a Costco member, so I ended up paying a $2.50 non-member fee to my order, but I thought compared to the great deal that I was getting the small fee was worth it. I will repost this deal if it becomes live again. This is my first time ordering from Costco. It was a positive experience but I wished that they would have confirmed my shipping earlier than they did. Overall I am very satisfied.

50 ct FLTR General Use Face Mask $9.99

Buy (5) at $9.99= $49.95

Automatic $45.00 discount when you buy 5 boxes

=$4.95 plus tax for all 5 boxes

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